Earn rewards by inviting friends to download CryptoExpress and transact through the app. When a friend that you have invited signs up for a CryptoExpress account and performs a withdrawal of more than R100, you will earn points. Once your point’s goal is reached, you will receive a R100 reward withdrawal voucher to cash-out at your nearest Cash Express ATM.

How do I refer my friends?

Select [Refer and Earn] in the CryptoExpess app.

Enter your friend’s mobile number and/or email address in the applicable fields and then click [Send my invite].

Please note that you need to enter either a mobile number or email address to be able to send an invite.

Your friend will receive an email or SMS (depending on which information you referred them with) with a referral code which they will need to use when registering for a CryptoExpress account.

Once your friend has registered with their unique referral code, they will be linked to your account and you will earn points each time they transact.

How do I earn my reward?

You will earn 2 points for every R100 that your referred friend withdraws. You will be able to refer up to 5 friends and all of these friends will be able to generate points for you through their withdrawals.

Once you have reached the minimum required points, you will be able to claim your withdrawal voucher through the app and receive a R100 reward voucher that you can withdraw at your nearest Cash Express ATM.

Should you wish to refer more friends, please contact CryptoExpress Support on
086 100 4444 or support@cryptoexpress.co.za.

How can I use my voucher?

Once you have claimed your withdrawal voucher, it will be available under the [Transactions]

How many vouchers can I get?

You will only be able to refer 5 friends, however, you will be eligible to receive a reward voucher each time you earn the required points.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Each user by default can only refer 5 friends. A friend is counted as referred even if the referral has not been accepted yet. Any referral invites unclaimed after the expiry period will be subtracted from the user’s referred friends count. The user will be able to refer other friends in place of the unclaimed referrals.
  2. Each referral invite is valid for a period of 7 days after being sent to the user. If the referral invite is not claimed within the 7 day period, a new invite to the user will need to be sent by the referrer.
  3. Reward points are earned off the cumulative value of successful transactions only – transactions need to be fully funded and withdrawn by the referred users.
  4. CryptoExpress reserves the right to disqualify users from participating in the “Refer and Earn” programme and can revoke any rewards from users who engage in dishonest or abusive activities to earn referral rewards. This includes but is not limited to referrals to phishing websites and any other harmful, fraudulent or unlawful practices.
  5. CryptoExpress reserves the right to cancel or amend any aspect of the referral process at our sole discretion.
  6. All users must comply with the CryptoExpress Terms and Conditions. Any breach of the CryptoExpress Terms and Conditions will disqualify the user from earning referral rewards.
  7. CryptoExpress in its sole discretion can determine whether a user can participate in the “Refer and Earn” programme and reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time.
  8. If CryptoExpress detects that a user has created multiple accounts or deleted their existing account in order to create a new account to benefit from the referral programme, CryptoExpress reserves the right to revoke all points and reward vouchers associated with these accounts.